Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Environmental Chemistry

    This course is aimed to provide knowledge of the most important reactions in the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

    Development of skills for solving theoretical and experimental problems in pollutants distribution. Application of software in geochemical modeling.

  • 1. nedelja: Atmosfera

    Ovo predavanje je posvećeno definisanju oblasti koje se nalaze u atmosferi (profil atmosfere), kao i najčešćim reakcijama koje se odvijaju u njoj. Daje kratak pregled kako se vrše uobičajeni proračuni u atmosferskoj hemiji. 

  • 1st week: The Earth’s atmosphere

    The focus of this topic is regions, profile, reactions and calculations in atmospheric chemistry, stratospheric chemistry, oxygen-only chemistry – formation and turnover of ozone

    • 2. nedelja: Hemija stratosfere - ozon. Katalitička destrukcija ozona

      Nastanak i dekompozicija ozona i kiseonika. Katalitička dekompozicija ozona. Hlorofluorokarboni. Katalitička izračunavanja u katalitičkoj destrukciji ozona. Nastanak ozonske rupe na Antarktiku i Arktiku.

      • 2. week: Stratospheric chemistry - ozone. Processes for catalytic decomposition of ozone

        The focus of this topic is processes for catalytic decomposition of ozone. Tropospheric chemistry – smog. Photochemical smog. Exhaust gases from the internal combustion engine.

      • 3. nedelja: Hemija troposfere - smog

        • 3rd week: Precipitation. Atmospheric aerosols

          • 4. nedelja: Hemija troposfere – precipitacija

            • 4th week: Physical and chemical characteristics of soil.

              The focus of this topic is physical and chemical characteristics of soil, leaching and erosion of soil, acidification and salt affected soils.

              • 5th week: Kinetics of chemical processes in soil

                The focus of this topic is kinetics of chemical processes in soil, redox processes in soil, metals in soil

                • 6th week: Hydrosphere. Physical and chemical properties of water.

                  The focus of this topic is physical and chemical properties of water. Distribution of species in aquatic systems (single variable diagrams, two variable diagrams – pE/pH diagrams). Measurements of pE.

                  • 7th week: Gases in water

                    The focus of this topic is gases that reacts with water and does not react with water

                    • 8th week: Organic matter in water (aquatic humic substances)

                      The focus of this topic is aquatic humic substances

                      • 9th week: Metals and semi-metals in hydrosphere

                        The focus of this topic is aqueous complexes of metals, classification of metals, three metals – behavior in the environment, metals associated with suspended matter in water

                        • 10th week: Environmental chemistry of colloids and surfaces

                          The focus of this topic is surface properties of colloidal materials, quantitative description of adsorption, colloidal material in the natural environment

                          • 11th week: Microbiological processes

                            The focus of this topic is classification of microorganisms, microbiological processes – carbon, nitrogen and Sulphur cycle

                            • 12th week: Water pollution and water treatment

                              The focus of this topic is wastewater treatment processes

                              • 14th week: Transformation processes of organic biocides

                                The focus of this topic is hydrolysis, redox reactions, direct and indirect photolysis, biological transformations